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Summer Jobs Program

Honourable senators, as we prepare to depart this place for the summer, I want to draw attention to the hundreds of children who will not be able to go to camp this summer — children living in poverty, children with special needs — because the organizations running the camps were refused funding from the federal government. More than 1,500 applications were rejected for the Canada Summer Jobs program this year — up from just 126 last year — because of the government’s values test. If you were u…
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Sober Second Thinking

I stand here, colleagues, not as a constitutional lawyer or scholar, not as a procedural expert, nor have I been a member of the Modernization Committee, which has spent considerable time on this topic. I am just a senator who has been a member of the chamber for nine years now, appointed on the recommendation of Prime Minister Harper. I was not named to the Senate under the new method of appointment that Senator Harder so carefully describes as merit-based, as he distinguishes senators appointe…
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Canada Elections Act - Bill S-239

Honourable senators, I rise today to speak to Bill S-239, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (eliminating foreign funding). This bill, introduced by Senator Frum, closes a loophole in the Canada Elections Act that allows foreign involvement in Canada’s electoral process — a loophole that allows unlimited foreign money to pour into Canada to be used by third parties to influence and distort Canadian elections. This is not a hypothetical problem. It is very real. It has had an impact in the…
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