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What is David Suzuki Afraid Of?


Tuesday, March 20, 2012 – Ottawa –”Today marks a new low for David Suzuki and a sad day for democratic debate in this country” declared Senator Eaton.

Today David Suzuki launched a form-letter style write-in campaign against my Senate Inquiry into the interference of foreign foundation in Canada’s domestic affairs and their abuse of Canada’s existing Revenue Canada charitable status. Ironically, he even made it possible for foreigners to participate by providing a “Not in Canada” option.

But that isn’t enough for Mr. Suzuki. At the same time, he kicked off a fundraising campaign on his website asking for money to fight the Inquiry – in other words to suppress informed debate.

Since the Inquiry was launched on February 29th, many Senators have contributed valuable insight and expertise into the discourse.

For example, Senator Wallace addressed the current legislative framework in Canada. Senator Smith investigated the economic consequences of this interference. Senator Finley probed how much money was coming in and the path it was taking. Senator Lang pointed to lobby and political activities of some groups. Senator Mockler provided examples of positive and true charitable activity. Senator Plett explored how these activities are infringing on Canadian sovereignty.  

But of course Mr. Suzuki cannot help himself with over and under embellishments of the facts as the situation suits him. To suggest that sums exceeding $300 million in international funding are “relatively small amounts” is simply laughable. And to brazenly play with numbers and claim that 94% of his funding comes from Canadian sources is stretching the truth. While that may be technically correct, a large part of that figure comes from grants and contributions from US foundations who have formed registered charities in Canada and channelled the money through them.

“If David Suzuki had only listened to the speeches, he would have heard that my inquiry is not about stifling debate, but about ensuring openness, transparency, disclosure and enforcement in the charitable sector. But then, what would he have been able to hang his fundraising hat on?” concluded Senator Eaton.

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