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Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients

Honourable senators, it is not often that one has the opportunity to publicly thank 30 individuals who have given so much of themselves to their community and their country.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee offered each of us that opportunity. In every region, every province, every city and town, we have the honour to recognize someone's selfless work, passion and belief that one person does make a difference.

Last week I awarded my last medal. The decision of whom to recognize with this prestigious acknowledgment was hard for me, as I am sure it was for every one of us in this chamber.

We have all been blessed with having met and worked with so many accomplished and deserving people, so it was with a great deal of humility that I presented the Queen's Jubilee Medal to 30 individuals who have dedicated their lives to Canada. From consummate volunteers to talented pedagogues and accomplished scientists, each has made life a little bit better, a little more comfortable, a little less stressful and a lot easier for another human being.

Permit me a moment to read their names into the record.

For volunteerism: Pamela Richardson, Gretchen Ross, Nancy Lockhart, Joan Thompson, Marian Bradshaw, Danielle Zion and John Carson.

For business and development: Mario Cortellucci and John Bennett.

For pedagogue: Loretta Rogers, Maria Rudko-Uchacz and James Carley.

For culture and the arts: Sandra Faire, Lynda Prince, Noreen Taylor, Diane Reitberger, Scott McFarland, Joseph Sorbara, Maxine Granvosky Gluskin and Sandra Rotman.

For medicine and science research: Dr. Robert Howard, Alayne Metrick, Dr. Andrea Laupacis, Dr. Arthur Slutsky, Dr. Andrew Baker, Dr. Ori Rotstein, Dr. Anthony Graham, Dr. Teodor Grantcharov, Dr. Guylaine Lefebvre and Ella Ferris.

Every one has built and continues to build our caring society and country through their service, expertise, contributions and achievements, and for that I thank them.

I wish all of them even greater success in their future undertakings. I know they will continue to make a difference with their inspiration and their compassion.