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Meddling into Canada’s Affairs Must Stop

Honourable Senators.

I wish to bring to your attention the continuous meddling into Canada’s affairs by every self-proclaimed think tank that has managed to attract heavy subsidies by private self-interests.

The latest salvo comes in the form of a report released last week by the PEW Environment Group titled Canada’s Boreal Forest, the World’s Waterkeeper.

For the many who have never heard of them, the PEW group operates under the PEW Charitable Trust, an organization established by the family of the late Sun Oil Company founder Joseph N. Pew.

This US-based group seems to have taken a shine to our Canadian boreal forests and determined that they are under threat from development related to mining, hydro electricity, oil and gas extraction, and forestry.

Colleagues. Why, I ask, is yet another heavily funded American group once again getting involved in Canadian domestic affairs?

The list of interference is getting tedious: our seal hunt; our oil sands; our regulatory differences; even our treatment of zoo elephants; and now our boreal forests.

In each case, the interference is based in half-truths and blatant misinformation.

This needs to stop.

Canadians do not need uninformed advice from headline seeking politicians, Hollywood types and movie producers – all with the goal of developing a reputation for trying to save the world.

Canadians know what is best for Canada, and it is Canadians that should be deciding how we manage our seal hunts, operate our oil sands, and protect our pristine national landscape.

Honourable Senators, I am proud of the beauty of this great nation, and of the strong resource driven sectors we are so blessed to have in Canada.

It is high time that we remind armchair critics that Canada can and will take care of itself through the best means available and necessary.

Let’s send a clear message that interference will not be tolerated. Thank you.